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Since independence, it is the  first time that people of India have seen a Prime Minister who belongs to them, the nation, the motherland. Prime Minister Narendra Modi understands the dreams of the youth of India, as well as  the needs of the poor common man. He has not inherited a nation from world’s most corrupt political party i.e. the Congress  but a Pandora’s box of problems. The previous governments have plundered the nation in 70 years much more than the British did in their 200-year rule. What a shame!

It is not easy for the prime minister alone to clean the System,  corrupted for almost seven decades by the previous governments, especially the Congress. And it would be an uphill task for our brave PM to educate a society that has been drowned for over two millennia in the filth of  social divisions, religious bigotry, physical and mental slavery as well as thousands of predatory social evils.

Narendra Modi needs the help of all the Indians to change the nation, to take India forward on the path of peace, prosperity, progress and self-respect.

Let us join hands and stand firmly with our leader who has no other ambition but to raise the tricolor high in the sky by way of developing the nation on all fronts.

Jai Hind

Dr. Ashok K. Anand





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If you want to know why India has been so corrupt? Why Congress party is the most corrupt in the world? Why 5-year old kids are raped here? Why we Indians love to burn our own trains, buses and other national property? Why we are so violent and intolerant? 

Can Narendra Modi change the fate of India? Can he accomplish his dreams of taking India to the path of peace and progress? How will he confront the anti-nationals staring direct into his eyes? What plans he has to tackle the enemies of the nation, not from across the border, but from within? 

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