This page is dedicated to the efforts of Mr.Pramod Kumar Vatsalya (PKV). A great thinker and visionary,

PKV has a dream to change India through a COSMIC SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE.  According to PKV, it should be a Duty Oriented System instead of the present Right Oriented. In this regard, he has been in touch since 2016 with our honorable PM Sh. Narendra Modi.

During my several meetings with PKV, I was convinced of his aims and objectives, clarity of his vision about the Cosmic System of Governance as well as his absolute belief in Prime Minister  Narendra Modi’s efforts to transform the Colonial-minded India to a Pure and Ethical India of Chanakya.

I request every single Indian on this planet to read the detailed documents prepared by him available here in the PDF format, understand his point of view and work hard in the direction of changing the Colonial Constitution of India with a new Cosmic System of Governance.





Dr. Ashok K. Anand

Do you want to know who is this revolutionary P.K. Vatsalya? What his life has been? Why he is so keen to transform the Indian society and system? Click here & read.!!

Pramod Kumar Vatsalya has been working towards the transformation of India since long. He has seen a promising leader in Narendra Modi, the dynamic PM of India, who also aspires for a positive change in the country. Please click on the links below to understand the Philosophy of Pramod Vatsalya how his Cosmic System of Governance would change India and make it a world leader in the true sense of ethical existence:

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