Let us join hands!

Like most of you, I have also been contributing in my own way, my efforts for the betterment of India. I have been working through Lions Clubs International as well as on an individual basis in the fields of health, nutrition, hygiene, education, environmental pollution, religious and social intolerance besides other issues directly related to society.

Thanks to Social Media that has connected every soul on this planet today. And this made me think of working with all of you. Let us join hands together and march ahead with a vision to create happiness and peace around us. Friends from all fields are welcome. You may be a poet, a social worker, a teacher, an environmentalist or a healthcare professional, we all need to work together. 

Please contact without hesitation with your views or plans if any, which can help contribute to the development of our society and take the country forward.  

How to reach us:


How to Reach Us

a) Send your views on any issue, we will publish them on our blog with your name and photo.Email at views@ashok-anand.com

b) Visit our blog pages. You will find many topics of your interest. You can give your comments then and there.  

c) You may also write direct to Dr. Anand at author.onevsall@gmail.com

If you want to know why India has been so corrupt? Why Congress party is the most corrupt in the world? Why 5-year old kids are raped here? Why we Indians love to burn our own trains, buses and other national property? Why we are so violent and intolerant? 

Can Narendra Modi change the fate of India? Can he accomplish his dreams of taking India to the path of peace and progress? How will he confront the anti-nationals staring direct into his eyes? What plans he has to tackle the enemies of the nation, not from across the border, but from within? 

To have answers to all the questions you have in your mind, read “One Vs All: Beware Mr.Prime Minister, It’s INDIA Impossible“.