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Dr. Ashok K. Anand is a Cardiac Rehab Specialist with over twenty years experience; Bachelors in Materia Medica; Science of Nutrition from SNHS UK; EKS Management – Germany besides a Post Graduation in Journalism. He holds D.Sc in Public Health Sciences and known internationally for his lectures on  Synergetic use of Integrative medicine & Nutrition for Cardiac Rehabilitation & other Specific Medical Conditions. Not only in natural medicine but his revolutionary views about human development as well as contemporary national and international issues are acclaimed world over. He is a globe trotter, photographer, poet, spiritualist and philanthropist. Dr. Anand’s almost 300 articles on various health issues as well as political & socio-economic problems have been published in the South Asian Print Media in Canada and the UK. 

Whenever in India, he is very active in imparting education, especially to the underprivileged and marginalized sections of society by conducting seminars,workshops and open question-answer sessions on specific health issues, diseases, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, lifestyles and diet & nutrition. He helps poor patients who require surgery and or prescription medicines.  


1) “One Vs All: Beware Mr.Prime Minister; It’s India Impossible”, has been the  latest work  of  Dr. Ashok Anand on the pathetic Indian social and political conditions, ages old corruption,  social evils, intolerance, religious bigotry, filthy politics, fake secularism and hundreds of other real time problems.

The book has been a great success worldwide. It is an extensive research work by the author that has taken almost 2 years to complete this 464 page book. The book also contains the details of all corruption taken place in India since the days of Jawahar Lal Nehru i.e. from 1947 to 2014. It is an eye opener and breaks the myths of great Indian culture, tolerance, brotherhood and secularism.

A must read by every patriot Indian who believes that the nation would change one day.  The author also explains about a number of challenges that the present PM Mr. Narendra Modi faces especially the enemies-within,  anti-national forces, complex foreign relations, corruption at all levels, religious and social intolerance, controlling world’s largest undisciplined population besides scores of other chronic problems. In India, the book is  available online at Amazon, Flipkart and NotionPress websites besides prominent book stores.

Important Note:

This book “One Vs All: Beware Mr. Prime Minister, It’s India Impossible” is the new avatar of “One Vs All: Narendra Modi, Pariah to Paragon” originally  released in April 2016.

What was the need to change the sub-title as well as the cover design of the original book? Many readers after reading the book have suggested that the original version of One Vs All with sub-title “Narendra Modi, Pariah to Paragon” gives the impression that the book is a sort of BIOGRAPHY of Narendra Modi while the book is about the  Indian society, historical & political blunders, culture of corruption, filthy bureaucracy, problems inherited by the present PM and so on. Moreover, the author has also challenged the Prime Minister that he would not be able to run this nation as  by and large, the society and systems have been sick for centuries. 

It is for the information of readers that the CONTENT & MAIN TITLE of the book is same, only the SUB-TITLE & COVER DESIGN has been changed.  The readers must not get confused as many vendors online or on their store shelves, may still be having some old stock of “One Vs All” with the sub-title “Narendra Modi, Pariah to Paragon”. I repeat, except the sub-title as well as the cover design, all the content inside the book remains same. Even the ISBN number remains same. Therefore, you may buy any title you may like, if available.

Readers are also requested kindly to send their reviews, comments and feedback direct to the author at “author.onevsall@gmail.com” 

2) “Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine; Science of Nutrition; Human Anatomy & Body Systems”. It is a 1900-page research treatise with over 800 illustrations on various natural systems of health and medicine specifically ancient Indian, Western herbal and traditional Chinese besides many others. It is the first book on Herbology in the world that includes  basic human anatomy and body systems besides Pharmacognosy, Medical Ethnobotany, Ethnopharmacology, Phytochemistry, Zoopharmacognosy as well as 17 detailed chapters on Science of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Dr.Anand has taken almost five years to complete this book, thanks to McGill University Health Center Library, Montreal, Canada and Barnes Library of Birmingham University Medical School, Edgbaston, Birmingham U.K where most of the research work was conducted.

The book is being sold worldwide online as well as through a number of eminent book stores. Complete details and other information about the book can be had through Google. 

3) “चेहरे ” !  ‘Chehre’ is the collection of 105 poems and  ghazals composed by Dr. Ashok Anand.

‘Chehre’ was also appreciated by the legendary actor Shri Amitabh Bacchan and one of the best directors in Indian cinema Shri Shyam Benegal. 

His experiments with with Hindi poetry has been applauded by some great Hindi and Urdu poets and writers. The foreword of Chehre has been written by famous Hindi writer Shri Raghunandan Sharma.

Many ghazals and poems from ‘Chehre’ are quite popular in Canada as most of the Hamsafar Radio hosts quote couplet from this book during their musical broadcasts since 2005.

The book is now out of print but some copies are still available with Dr. Ashok Anand. Anybody who is really interested, can write / email to him to receive a complementary and signed copy of the book.

4) “काल मुख विचों ” (Punjabi poetry): The famous Punjabi poet Sh.Amarjeet Singh Sandhu after reading the manuscript of ‘Kaal MukhVichon’ in the year 2004 has wondered how ‘Free Verse Poetry in Punjabi’ could be so touching!

This great poet has written the foreword of this book. The book contains 50 poems of Dr. Ashok Anand. There are ghazals, poems as well as ‘free verse’ experimental poetry, which was very much appreciated by world renowned Punjabi poet Sh. Surjit Patar. 

Dr. Ashok Anand has been very popular among the Punjabi diaspora in Canada and the U.K. where he is invited to recite his poetry in Punjabi Mushairas. The book is out of print but can be requested by real enthusiasts by email.

5) “चन्द्र ग्रहण” and  6) “अतीत के दंश ” both a collection of Hindi poetry by Dr. Ashok Anand are also out of print and not available anymore.

Future publications: Dr. Ashok Anand is working on three books, two in English and one in Hindi, all fiction work based on social and life time experiences, due to be released sometime in 2021.



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Know why India has been so corrupt? Why Congress party is the most corrupt in the world? Why 5-year old kids are raped here? Why we Indians love to burn our own trains, buses and other national property? Why we are so violent and intolerant? 

Can Narendra Modi change the fate of India? Can he accomplish his dreams of taking India to the path of peace and progress? How will he confront the anti-nationals staring direct into his eyes? What plans he has to tackle the enemies of the nation, not from across the border, but from within? 

To have answers to all the questions you have in your mind, read “One Vs All: Beware Mr. Prime Minister, It’s India Impossible“.

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