A Self-reliant India; Say No to China

Friends, it is a shame that a country of hundred and thirty five crore people don’t produce enough for its own populace. Why? Who is responsible? Everyone knows the answer – those who ruled India for sixty years.

Come on! Let’s be honest! Forget whether our sympathies or affiliations are with Congress, BJP or the other opportunistic regional political parties of India, mostly run by the most corrupt and inefficient bosses. Don’t be emotional. Be true towards our country. Don’t be blind. Don’t forget the history of billions of dollars of scams by the Congress, especially under the Italian management. It was a very simple policy – don’t produce in India; just import everything and enjoy commissions in dollars in foreign banks! What a shame!!

Where is the small scale machine tool industry of Gurdaspur in Punjab? Where are the bulb manufacturing units scattered all over India? Where the plastic goods manufacturers have vanished, used to be dotted all over north India? The answer is simple. They all were swallowed by the Inspector Raj and Corruption during the Congress regimes while the medium scale industry evaporated into the thin air by the ‘Liberalization of Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Accidental Prime Minister of India, whose remote control was in the hands of few corrupt Italians. Be it steel and iron or machinery, fertilizers or thousands of chemicals, plastic goods, mobile phones, TVs, clothes, footwear, electrical lights; bulbs, everything is carrying a made in china. Don’t forget, the Chinese market is not only eating away our domestic market, but our culture and heritage too.

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And who is responsible? Forget the Congress and other political parties. It is the people like you and me who are the reason behind it. We had URI attack and we all know who was behind it. There’s an old saying, “when mouse laughs at the cat, there is hole nearby.” And where is the hole, you know that. In simple terms, saying no to Chinese goods because you are not only buying their cheap quality products, but also funding them for the terrorist activities on our land via Pakistan. Think before buying any Chinese product, that we are also a reason behind the martyrdom of our soldiers, our countrymen.

Many of my friends can say, why our Government allows the import of Chinese products? Your question seems appropriate but you should also know that due to globalization, involvement of many international agencies like WTO, IMF, WB and others etcs., it is not easy for any government to ban such imports from China or any other country. It will certainly go against the norms of above mentioned bodies.

Just to understand further, imagine, Indian government put a ban on Chinese products. Consequences? They will also ban Indian products. It is going to be a huge setback.

What kind of nationalists we are? After supporting Pakistani actors, singers, cricketers, we are giving support to our second biggest enemy? Are we really loyal to our country?

Do you know, that a Chinese cup you serve milk to your baby in, is made of hazardous raw-material in pathetic working conditions. Aren’t we playing with the health of our own children? Our standard should be much more higher than the Chinese at least. And I must tell you here, I am not writing just by having some information from the social media, I have actually visited China umpteen times, know many Chinese doctor as well as importers in the UK, USA and India.

In addition, do you know that China’s share of CO2 emissions is over 28%? India’s CO2 emissions are only 7% while the USA’s 14%. China is greatly responsible for the global environmental changes.

Surprisingly, many countries have already taken the steps in this direction. The countries like West Philippines, Vietnam etc. have already stopped buying their useless products. As per the latest economic reports China stock loses $3.2 trillion in weeks.

We must understand Chinese products is one among the other major reasons behind the death of many small scale industries. When we buy their products, never forget that we are snatching bread from one of your countryman’s mouth and giving it to China.

Our slogan should be, ‘SAY NO TO CHINESE GOODS & SAVE OUR OWN DOMESTIC MARKET.’ Even if Indian products are slightly expensive, buy only the Indian because our quality is far better than that of the Chinese. Saying NO to Chinese goods means, preserving the environment, respecting the humanity, loving our culture and heritage and providing a chance to our own countrymen.

We should be proud of India. Remember, we can progress only if we learn from the history. How can we forget that China has always voted against us in the UN on the issue of terrorism, openly supports Pakistani terrorists and has constructed road from the POK, which is in fact India’s Kashmir? How can we be that generous to India’s enemies? Please please start thinking of India first forgetting our political preferences, ethnicity and other social issues.