Politics of Water

Man can live without food for about three weeks. But without water, not even a week, depending upon the heating conditions as well as the general health of the person.

Not a single developed nation has ever thought of providing free water to its citizens. Yes, in many countries, gas, water and electricity is  subsidized or  given free to seriously sick, disabled or senior citizens.

Unfortunately, in India, everything has its political connections. Whether it is the case metro fare hike, rates of essential services like water and electricity or the jobs, ration and toilets, nothing is free of politics.

In the year 1997, the then Punjab CM Parkash Singh Badal allowed free 5KW tube-well connection to farmers to garner VOTES. Farmers began paddy rotation besides excessive groundwater pumpage, due to free electricity, has led to a long-term groundwater table decline. Some agencies in the field fear, that Punjab may turn into a desert in the coming 20 years.

It is in human nature, anything free is neither preserved nor respected. The 21000 liters of free water to each house hold in Delhi per month, could be a thing of worry. Isn’t it surprising that 60 per cent of Delhi people are facing water crisis while water is free in the state?

Friends, what do you think on the issue? Do you think a scarce commodity like water be given free to the citizens by any government? What do you think, can be done for the people of Chennai who are starving for water? Is Delhi destined to be Chennai? What is your idea about rain water harvesting? How we can save water in India?

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