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Health issues are as common as  weeds today, especially in big metros like Delhi.  It is very sad to see that children and youth too are acquiring such diseases that used to be only the domain of elderly just two decades ago, e.g. Diabetes, High BP, High Cholesterol, Weakened immunity, Stress, Migraine, Obesity, Male & Female reproductive & sexual issues, Fatigue, Ulcers and even certain types of Cancers.

What are the causes? Most of the people know the truth behind these medical conditions but priorities have been different. The environmental pollution, excessive noise, rat race for money, inappropriate lifestyles and the intake of just useless food, are the main culprits.

As if it was not sufficient, most of the medical professionals, nursing homes and hospitals have been acting as shops selling their health expertise in India. There is no dearth of fake doctors as well. Their fees are exorbitant, attitudes callous and conscious just dead. Under such circumstances, the situation is getting really alarming within the society.

I offer my FREE consultancy services to one and all for any diseases they are suffering from. My expertise has been into Clinical medicine, Nature cure, Counseling, Diet & Nutrition. Those suffering from any medical conditions are welcome to contact me by email or via  comments box below. Thanks.

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4 thoughts on “General Health Issues

    1. Of course there is. But for that, I need to know your life style and food habits besides some blood test reports. I would be forwarding you a Questionnaire, pls fill that and return. Only after the required information, I would be able to suggest diet plans. Thanks.

  1. My age is 17 and I am female.and my height is 4’11 feet.i went to endocrinologist he suggested me to take decadurobolin injection once in a month for three months then,after 3 months he suggested me there any chances that I grow father height is 5.3feet and my mom is 5.2 feet.what should be my diet.and my weight is 38.

    1. Niharika, first of all, I apologize seriously for not being able to reply to you earlier. I was really busy for two weeks participating in a seminar in the US. I have returned to India, and now taking care of my blog, which I have started only for the purpose to offer free advice on diverse health issues.

      According to the details provided by you, first I must clarify that decaduroblin injections are anabolic steroids generally used to help bone loss, general weakness or strong doses for professional athletes to perform better. In my practice, I have never suggested it for height increase. Similarly, Aminofit is used for mineral deficiency, nutrition related issues, digestive disorders, tissue repair etc. Again this is not specifically used for height increase.

      Now coming to your problem, first of all, height increase in girls slow down after menstruation begins which is generally between 11 to 14 years of age. At the age of 17, it is really difficult to increase the height. Second, though your mother’s height is ok, your father’s height is a bit less. Your case can be attributed to genetic history. However, if your parents had been careful, they could have helped you reach 5’2″ or so. In fact they should have encouraged you from the very young age in cycling, swimming, rope swings etc. I have helped many kids to attain reasonably decent heights.

      Now what to do? First, you are not the only one with this height. It is not that bad. Second, wear normal 2 – 3 inches heels that are very comfortable, never go for more because regular use of 4 to 6 inches heels can create many problems to women later in life. Third, appropriate clothing that helps look taller.

      But the most important thing is, positive attitude and confidence. Excel in studies, in profession, in sports so that the world knows you for your skills, career and qualities and not height.

      Last but not the least, these days, there are many claims about height increase medicines, be careful before using them. Consult your doctor or a qualified medical professional before you use any such items advertised too often.

      For any other information, feel free to write to me. All the best, be confident and God bless you!! I think, still few exercises can help you attain one to two inches.

      Niharika, Please SUBSCRIBE to my blog and tell your friends to subscribe it so that the message could be spread for good health in our country. Thanks.
      Dr. Ashok Anand

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