A Corrupt & Selfish Society

The Indian society as a whole in general, is labeled corrupt and selfish. We may agree, we may not. But the bitter truth cannot be changed. From Nursery school admission to a Medical course, it is all cash that plays the pivotal role. To get a Teacher’s job or win an election, it is money that goes all the way.

Why? It is simple to understand, the society is Selfish. Only in a selfish society money is accepted or offered as a bribe or the means of getting a job done! Let us take a simple example. People jump red lights, it is corruption. Once they are caught by the traffic controller, either the culprit offers bribe or the guardian of law demands bribe! Right?

Forget about the billion dollar scams, corrupt judiciary or the rotten bureaucracy for the time being. Let us discuss the situations where the common man is involved and why? Your honest comments and experiences are welcome!

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If you want to know why India has been so corrupt? Why Congress party is the most corrupt in the world? Why 5-year old kids are raped here? Why we Indians love to burn our own trains, buses and other national property? Why we are so violent and intolerant? 

Can Narendra Modi change the fate of India? Can he accomplish his dreams of taking India to the path of peace and progress? How will he confront the anti-nationals staring direct into his eyes? What plans he has to tackle the enemies of the nation, not from across the border, but from within? 

To have answers to all the questions you have in your mind, read “One Vs All: Narendra Modi – Pariah to Paragon”.


2 thoughts on “A Corrupt & Selfish Society

  1. No doubt. India is a corrupt and selfish society. The history available since Chandragupta times when Alexandra attacked India, can be cited as the first historical example. It was king Ambhi who gave passage to Alexandra to attack India because he had enmity with Raja Puru who was the first to fight with Alexandra. All these years, when invaders had been attacking, looting and butchering India and the Indians, we as a nation or a society never joined hands to keep the invaders out. Consequences have been devastating and for thousands of years, we were slaves and third rate citizens in our own country. Even today, 99% problems of India are just because of self interests and corruption. Kashmir problem is the living proof. Thousands of examples can be cited to prove the issue.

    1. Dr. Sosan, thanks for your point of view. I agree that self interests and corruption within the society itself is the root cause of all the problems in India because all the politicians, bureaucrats and others involved in running the system belong to our society itself.

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